This is an account of my experience of Mercedes-Benz UK’s “Highest Quality Customer Service” which began in January 2005 and still has not been resolved as of today.

I maintain strongly that employees of Mercedes-Benz Retail UK committed criminal acts of Perjury, Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice and Conspiracy to Defraud by knowing that my car had been damaged as a result of its staff’s negligence and their falsely conspiring to try to force me to pay £6,640 for the repairs to my car whilst it was still under Warranty, which had not been caused by me.


I ask you these questions:

How many times has this been done before?

Could it happen to you?

Do you want to take the risk?

My account thus far:

12 January 2005 – Click here to read supporting document

I bought a used S500 limousine from Mercedes-Benz Chelsea, London, for £29,000. The vehicle had a 12 month M B warranty.

11 November 2005 

After only ten months’ ownership, the car suddenly developed an electrical fault which drained the battery. I called M B Assistance, (Mondial), on 00800 17 777777, as per the warranty instructions. A technician from Mondial attended and jumped-started the car. He informed me that the ‘dead’ battery had been caused by leaving the mobile ‘phone in its cradle. However, this was not possible as the cradle was a factory-fitted unit which automatically switched off when the ignition key was removed.

14 November 2005 Click here to read supporting document 1 and  Click here to read supporting document 2 

Three days later I went to drive my car and yet again the battery was dead. Once again I called Mondial and again a technician jump-started the car, which I then drove to the Mercedes-Benz Chelsea’s workshop in Wandsworth. I collected the car two weeks later. The repair was covered by the Warranty.

30 November 2005 Click here to read supporting document

The second day after I had collected my car I went to drive it and, for the third consecutive time, the battery was dead. I called Mondial again, this time to recover the car to M B Chelsea’s workshop, and Mondial in turn contracted a company called Olympic Recovery to collect the car on their behalf. The car was jump-started by Olympic Recovery and driven to their car-transporter, which then transported my car to M-B Chelsea’s workshop.

As there was insufficient room for the car-transporter to access the workshop premises’ car-park the car was unloaded in the street. The car started without needing a jump-start and was driven onto M B’s premises. The Manager of Olympic Recovery gave evidence to these facts in court on the 10 November 2008, confirming that my car had been working when it was delivered and left by them at M B Chelsea’s workshop.

2 & 5 December 2005

M-B’s timesheet shows that 13.62 hours of work were carried out on my car on 2 December and that a further 9.48 hours of work were booked out on 5 December. Several electrical faults were found. Parts were ordered under the terms of the Warranty.

6 December 2005

Sidney Turner, M B Chelsea’s Workshop Receptionist, telephoned to inform me of the necessary parts to be replaced, which I noted in my diary. He said “I will ring tomorrow when the new parts are fitted”. There was no mention that M-B intended to charge me for the parts. Sidney Turner did not phone back as promised.

14, 15 & 16 December 2005 Click here to read supporting document

A further total of 29.39 hours of work was booked against my vehicle.

16 December 2005 Click here to read supporting document

A new 150 amp main fuse was ordered.

If they had already carried out a total of 50.34 of hours work on the car since 2 December, why did it take until 16 December to discover that a replacement 150 amp main fuse was needed? Was this the day that an M B workshop technician made an error and damaged my car?

19 December 2005 Click here to read supporting document

An M-B estimate for work completed stated “started engine found major faults caused by wrong connection before vehicle was brought to our dealership”. These “major faults” meant that it would not have been possible to have driven the car into M B Chelsea’s workshop’s car-park but Olympic Recovery had reported that they had driven it into M B Chelsea’s car-park. This fact was confirmed in two separate reports, witness statements for the court and cross-examined evidence given to the court 10 November 2008.

20 December 2005 Click here to read supporting document

The MobiloLife Warranty document shows “Warranty claim” and then “No” with a date of 20.12.05 “still being worked on”. The signature on this document is not mine. The M B Body Check-sheet only shows a “scratch” on the rear bumper. Was this the day that Martin Buhagiar, M B Chelsea’s Workshop Manager, decided to lie and claim that the damage had been caused before the car had come into his workshop?

30 December 2005 – Click here to read Olympic Report to Mondial

Olympic Recovery’s report on the collection of my car denied any liability on their part for any damage. They stated “We drove it into a parking space …”, thus proving that the car had not suffered any electrical fault which would have prevented its starting again.

This document was not disclosed until I obtained an Injunction from the Court and M-B finally supplied it on 7 August 2009.

Neither did the Bodywork Check Sheet show damage to its bodywork before arriving in M B Chelsea’s workshop.

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